About D.R. Recycling

D.R. Recycling Ltd. is a service-based company that collects recyclable materials in the Greater Moncton region. Operations began in 1997 with the company recycling two major commodities; cardboard and newspaper. Since then the company has expanded and now collects many different types and grades of recyclables using their pick-up, drop-off, and office paper-recycling programs.

The core value of D.R Recycling Ltd. is to maximize the recycling of waste paper products and to minimize its disposal. In other words the company strives to eliminate unnecessary use of our landfills by recycling waste paper products. D.R recognizes that waste paper products make up the single largest component of solid waste by weight. For example, over 40% of municipal solid waste in Canada is paper. This translates into 17.8 million tons of recyclable material being disposed in our filling landfills yearly. The company believes not only in recycling but providing information on the importance of buying recycled products to ensure the cycle continues.