Our Services

Office paper program

In 2001 D.R Recycling implemented the first office paper recycling program in the greater Moncton area. We offer our customers programs that are designed based on their individual office needs. We can provide our customers with "blue box" receptacles for gathering smaller amounts of paper. These small receptacles can then be dumped into our office bags which then can be picked up according to your volume. Lastly, for our larger office paper customers we can provide 95 gallon tubs and or 60 gallon carts which can be picked up according to your paper consumption. If your company or organization is interested in starting an office paper recycling program please contact us today.

Pick-up service

D.R Recycling picks up numerous amounts of loose and baled cardboard and newsprint in the greater Moncton area. In addition, we also pick up different grades of plastics such as shrink wrap, pallet wrap, vinyl scrap and PET strapping. Our drivers work very fast and can have your recyclables picked up within an hour or two of your call. If your company has large amounts of cardboard or plastic material contact us and we will get rid of it for you quickly.

Drop-off service

D.R Recycling will accept any amount of cardboard, newsprint, paper or plastic you wish to recycle as long as it is fairly clean and dry. Just drive to the back of our facility, located at 212 Edinburgh Dr. in the Moncton industrial park, and speak with one of our staff for assistance.

Baler and Wire Service

D.R Recycling will provide large consumers of cardboard and plastic stretch film with balers at no cost. There are a few different options available to our customers in regards to balers so we suggest you contact us to discuss the best option for you. In addition to providing balers, we also supply customers all over the Maritimes with many different sizes of wire.